The Top 3 Signs Your Child Needs Their Orthodontic Evaluation

Your child’s first dental visit should be 6 months after the eruption of their first baby tooth, no later than their first birthday.

Also, we recommend that the first orthodontic visit should be performed by an orthodontist when your child is around 7 years old.

By getting your child an orthodontic evaluation early, you can catch things early on, identify potential problems, and prepare for treatment in the near future.

Signs Your Child Needs an Orthodontic Evaluation

Here are three signs that your child might benefit from an orthodontic consultation and evaluation and that they may need treatment in the future:

Their Teeth are Crowding

If your child has teeth coming in that are crowded, this is usually likely to continue as they grow in permanently.

If permanent teeth are crowding, misplaced, or blocked-out, this will likely continue and should be corrected. Difficulty chewing or biting can also be a sign that crowding and similar problems are occurring.

Jaw Misalignment / Abnormal Growth

Another sign that your child may require an evaluation is problems with their jaw alignment. If their jaws seem to be shifting, causing them to bite their cheek and causing issues with biting, this is a critical reason to get an orthodontic consultation.

If teeth don’t meet properly, this will not only cause issues with chewing but also with your overall health and appearance.

Orthodontic Care Child

An early evaluation can catch this problem and give you more time to prepare for it. The earlier this issue is caught, the less your jaw sets and the easier it is to alter. Getting an early consultation will make sure that you don’t miss this and can get treatment as early as you can.

Permanent Teeth Coming in Early

If your child loses their baby teeth early, late, or irregularly, this may be a sign that they will need orthodontic treatment.

Although the way the new teeth come in is more important than the baby teeth and the problem can potentially correct itself, there is a good chance that your adult teeth will also have problems.

Healthy Teeth in Children

If your child is experiencing early, late, or irregular baby-tooth loss, getting an early evaluation may benefit you. It will help you find this out before the real problem comes in, allowing you to properly prepare so that you’re ready to correct it when you can.

Experts Recommend the Evaluation

In most cases, if your child is receiving regular dental care, their dentist will inform you about future complications and potential orthodontic treatment needs.

They can, and often will suggest an evaluation and consultation for braces and other orthodontic care when they think it is necessary and appropriate.

 The longer these problems persist, the harder it is to fix later down the road.

An evaluation is the best way to get vital information early, understand your options, and prepare for treatment. This will help you not only choose which option is best, but help you save for it financially and prepare for the time, effort, and commitment involved.

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