How to Encourage Your Teen to Wear Their Retainer

Increase How Much Your Teen Wears Their Retainer with These Tips

Braces is a long, tedious task. By the time you’re done, you’re so excited to have them off that you never want anything in your mouth again. There are a number of reasons why this, unfortunately, isn’t the case.

Even if you’re given permanent wires in your mouth, you’ll still be given a retainer to keep your teeth in line and ensure they don’t shift.

The Importance of Wearing Your Retainer after Orthodontics

Having a retainer is extremely important for making sure that the process sets properly and that your jaw gets set in that position. Once it’s shifted, your jaw and teeth will naturally want to shift back to their original place. It won’t happen fast, but they can shift slowly over time.

Retainers are specifically made to resist this, helping to keep your teeth in place. After having braces, you may need to wear the retainer permanently for a short period of time.

retainers keep teeth in place

After a while, you will be able to change to wearing it only at night. It’s important to do this so that your jaw doesn’t shift more and that the changes set properly.

Although there is no sure-shot remedy, there are a number of things you can do to encourage your teen to wear their retainer.

  1. Educate Them

The first thing you want to do is educate them about how important is. This doesn’t mean just outlining why it’s so important for their teeth and oral health, but also how much it costs and the importance of long-term care. Inform them of the importance of proper care and the value of the procedure so that they will take care.

  1. Start Early

It’s important to educate and prepare them early for the process. Don’t wait until they have the retainer; outline it before they even have braces. Explain that part of the process will be to wear a retainer after the braces come off and that this is just as important as taking care of the braces themselves.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

Offer your teens something for taking good care of their retainer and wearing it regularly like a reward or even a verbal affirmation. Find what’s relevant or what works, and use this to make sure that they actually follow through. Then follow through on what you said would happen.

encourage teen to wear retainer

No matter how you do it, making sure that your teenager wears their retainer is important to make sure that your investment in their braces is worth it. The best approach is to be straightforward and explain the importance of it as well as the associated costs.

Start early and prepare them for the process, including the long-term commitment well after the braces come off. Make sure they understand how important wearing their retainer is and the potential consequences if they don’t continue to wear it after treatment so that they know what is expected of them going into it.

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