Reasons Why You May Need Braces as an Adult

Find Out if Your a Good Candidate for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment for teenagers is fairly common these days. Many patients get braces during their teen years. There are many situations where orthodontics can improve the overall health of the mouth and many of these apply to adults as much as they do to teenagers.

If you are an adult and think you may benefit from orthodontic treatment, what better time is there than now! It’s a new year, new you! Here are some reasons why you may need braces as an adult:

Bite Problems

Your bite is meant to be relatively uniform. A proper bite should include your teeth coming together in a good relationship and the forces when biting down are evenly distributed.  Malocclusions such as overbites, underbites, and crowding can cause your bite to function improperly.

This can affect your ability to properly chew and eat foods (which can lead to issues with digestion), can make it difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean (which can lead to cavities and gum disease) and can cause your teeth to wear unevenly or chip more easily.

adult bite problems

Although there may be no pain associated with your current malocclusion, issues can arise over time which can be difficult, uncomfortable and costly to deal with later.

Improve the Look of Your Smile

A major reason people get orthodontic treatment is to improve their smile and overall appearance. Your smile is one of the first ways you make and leave an impression. By ensuring that your teeth are straight and your smile beautiful, you increase your chances of making a good one.

A healthy and beautiful smile will make you feel better about yourself and may increase your self-confidence too!

Your Bite has Deteriorated Over the Years

Just as everything else changes as we age, so do our teeth.  People who have beautiful smiles sometimes find that their teeth start to shift as they get older.  When teeth are lost due to trauma or dental disease, the adjacent teeth have a tendency to ‘tip’ into the space left behind and the opposing teeth can over-erupt if there is nothing holding them back.

The lower front teeth are very susceptible to shifting and crowding as we get older, making it difficult to keep them clean and healthy.  Braces can be safely placed and to move teeth a better position at any age. With straight teeth, it will be easier to maintain cleanliness, reducing the chances of complications later on.

adult orthodontics for bite problem

Orthodontics Was Too Costly in the Past

For many of us, our parents were not in a position to pay for orthodontic treatment when we were younger and insurance coverage for braces were rare.  Braces were not nearly as common 25 years ago as they are today and were certainly not something anybody wanted.

Orthodontic treatment has become increasingly more common over the years, especially for adults. The cost of treatment is also more flexible, and payment plans could be an option to accommodate your budget.  As more families have two people in the workforce, insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment is usually more available as well.

Your Teeth Have Shifted Since Having Braces

These days, it is common to place a permanent retainer on the inside of the lower front teeth, as they are the ones most likely to shift as we age. Unfortunately, not as much emphasis was put on retainers in the past and, as a result, many people find their teeth have shifted over the years.

In fact, almost 30% of our practice is made up of adult patients and almost half of them report having braces many years ago. They’re back now as they stopped wearing their retainers! Another great reason for why you should wear your retainer after braces!

Find Out if You’re a Good Candidate

Whatever your reason for considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, we will be happy to provide a no-charge examination and consultation so you fully understand what’s involved in correcting your bite and improving your smile as an adult.

At Smiles on Yonge Orthodontics, we offer comprehensive and customized orthodontic care that will serve your needs whether you’re looking for first time orthodontic treatment, a quick touch-up on old services or just want a fuller, nicer smile.  There are many more discreet options available as well, and Richmond Hill Invisalign is always a good one!

Contact us today to learn more about how treatment can help your smile in the New Year!

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