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It’s important to remember that child orthodontics Richmond Hill need to be complemented by regular dental checkups. Among other things, these are a good way to put together a regular cleaning schedule. Remember, just because your child is wearing some kind of braces doesn’t mean they can neglect any aspect of their oral hygiene routine.

It’s important to remember to floss and brush after every meal. Of course, you’ll need to adjust that routine considering the fact your child has braces and our specialists are always ready to help. It’s quite likely that your child will need some help to make sure flossing is done correctly.

Waxed floss makes the whole process a little easier. We can also suggest the right kind of floss threader that can make a difference.

Child Orthodontics Richmond Hill and Personal Service

Our on-staff orthodontist specializes in bringing a personal element to his well-rounded dental skill set. Dr. Roozbeh Rashed has the experience in child orthodontics Richmond Hill that makes him an expert in the field. He has international certifications and a dedication to personalized service.

It’s critical to start on the right foot. We are dedicated to making sure that your child has a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime . To that end our initial consultation will answer some important questions about the kind of procedure your child needs.

First and foremost, we will be able to find out if there’s an issue that needs to be corrected. The earlier the better here. Finding out what needs to be done when your child’s teeth and jaws are still developing is the best time to have what could otherwise be a lifelong issue like a misalignment corrected.

There are several common issues where braces are the best solution.

  • Crowding is of the top of the list. This is quite common and just like the name suggests it happens when there’s too many teeth for the space in your child’s mouth. Getting the right kind of treatment early means heading off any future dental problems.
  • An overbite is a situation where there is a misalignment and the front teeth notably stick out farther than the bottom ones. Once again, the right kind of child orthodontics Richmond Hill treatments work wonders.
  • A crossbite is another situation that can result in dental problems later in life. It occurs when an upper tooth is misaligned with the bottom ones causing undue wear and tear on both.

Our dental professionals are dedicated and compassionate. They will go through all of your options and help you to decide on the best course of action to correct any problems. Our child orthodontics Richmond Hill services are comprehensive and efficient.

Right Kinds of Foods

We will even go through the kinds of foods that your child will need to avoid so everything is clear. For example, we suggest that your child steers clear of hard and crunchy foods during this time. That means snacking on those store-bought crunchy cookies will need to go for a bit. If your children can’t do without cookies, Mom or Dad should consider baking them some so your kids have something soft to munch on.

There are a few other foods that don’t mix well with braces. Hard and sticky candy is another favourite treat that you’ll need to pass by at the grocery store.  Unfortunately, these treats can get stuck under braces and even damage them.

If your kids really have a sweet tooth, why not let them have a treat that’s good for them at the same time? Frozen yoghurt and ice cream are two acceptable substitutes.

It’s important to lay this specialized groundwork for your child so they have the best chance of keeping their original teeth for a lifetime.

If your youngster has misaligned teeth, it’s important for parents to remember this situation won’t correct itself as they get older. In fact, when the molars erupt, there’s even less space available. The proactive choice is the right one and that’s getting in touch today to get the most out of our child orthodontics Richmond Hill services.

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