Of course, our orthodontics Richmond Hill services offer a variety of different choices to straighten your teeth. While we have metal and other types of braces we thought it would be interesting to spend some time on our invisible options.

This is one of the leading choices for teenagers as well as adults. If some of the requirements for more traditional orthodontics seem daunting or inconvenient, here’s a few reasons to consider this option. Although many people take the Invisalign route because aesthetically it doesn’t like metal braces, there are a few other reasons why going invisible is popular.

Plastic Aligners

These plastic aligners are convenient. For example, they can be removed when you eat or when you brush and floss. This makes it especially easy for you to keep a routine and most of the items in your existing diet.

We offer a free consultation because it’s important to us to start out each and every orthodontics Richmond Hill journey on a positive note. If you take a minute to look at our orthodontics services page, you’ll see that we have put together a library of information that can help.

Changing Aligners

One of the other advantages to these invisible alignment treatments is the fact that you get to change them out at home every  week but you won’t need to be visited by the orthodontist as frequently as when you get regular braces. We can put together a customized plan that’s suited to your individual needs. What’s more, you can change these aligners yourself as the process moves forward.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for this particular treatment for children, preteens, teens or even adults. We have a comfortable convenient solution that fits.

While it’s important to where invisible aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day to get the best results, most of our patients report they get used to wearing this orthodontics Richmond Hill treatment. After a while, most of them say they aren’t even aware of the aligners at all.

Small Interruptions for Big Results

After an initial consultation and a brief evaluation, you’ll be ready to wear the aligners that will change your smile and brighten your outlook. The invisible braces that we offer are an excellent alternative if you’re a teenager who’s worried about your appearance or an adult who wants to skip metal braces. Our orthodontics Richmond Hill services are waiting to hear from you to get started!

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