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With so many options for orthodontic care, you may be wondering why Invisalign over other braces options? Our team of specialists will explain why you should consider Invisalign in Richmond Hill and help you decide on the best treatment option for you.

Ultimately, Invisalign is a treatment that is conscious of your appearance and offers superior comfort and convenience to other types of braces. Invisalign is practically invisible to wear, so they don’t impact your appearance and many people won’t even notice you have them.

They are also removable which makes cleaning the trays extremely easy and convenient. This means you can take them out if you’re going to an event, speaking publically, or posing for a picture!

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening orthodontic treatment that works much like braces but without the use of brackets and wires that are permanently affixed to your teeth. Instead, plastic aligner trays are fitted to your jaw and teeth and built to alter your jaw, bite, and teeth alignment over time. These trays go over the teeth to slowly shift them into place.

The aligner trays are switched on average every two weeks, which then works to slowly shift your teeth. Alternating the trays ensure your mouth is constantly being shifted and aligned where it should be. Understanding how it works can help you determine if Invisalign is right for you or whether you should consider other options.

Why Invisalign is Preferred Over Braces

In terms of purpose, Invisalign and traditional forms of braces (metal, ceramic, and lingual) are meant to achieve the same goal; straightening teeth in order to improve your smile and overall oral health.

With traditional braces, brackets are glued permanently to the teeth and wires and rubber bands work to realign your jaw, bite, and teeth. Over time these wires and bands are tightened and loosened to shape your jaw and realign teeth. Over time, you come in to see the orthodontist, who adjusts your braces to shift your teeth properly.

Invisalign Richmond Hill

When considering Invisalign, keep in mind that the aligner trays are made from plastic and are virtually invisible to the naked eye. X-rays, pictures, and impressions are used to create a model of your mouth and teeth, from which an orthodontic treatment can be planned.

The treatment process is planned out so that you can have aligner trays prepared for you as you progress. Ideally, you should have a good idea of how long it will take without complications as your progress will be laid out from the beginning.

Living with Invisalign

One reason why Invisalign is preferred by some is that you are able to remove the aligners to eat. There are some things you should know if you are considering this procedure. For instance, you have to brush your teeth every time you eat for the trays to remain clean, otherwise, you’ll end up with gunk in your trays and in your teeth. In order to make sure the aligners stay clean, your trays will need to be removed while you eat and brush.Richmond Hill Invisalign

For some, having to remove the trays each time may seem inconvenient. Since you can take the aligners out, the ownership is on you to ensure you actually wear them, and for the appropriate amount of time. In gauging the success rate, this is something that could skew results a certain way. If you don’t wear the trays for recommended 22 hours, it will slow down the results or not show any results at all.

Invisalign performs the same function as traditional braces; they straighten your smile. However, they are geared more towards aesthetic looks. If you have issues with teeth further back in your mouth or need more serious adjustment, this type of treatment may not be powerful enough to achieve the goals you need. It’s best to consult with a professional about your needs to best understand why Invisalign would be chosen over other options.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Not only are the invisible aligners convenient to wear, they’re also convenient to clean. All you need is a soft toothbrush and some warm water to clean them. Gently brush the inside and outside of the aligners and then rinse them until they are clean. Using mouthwash to clean your aligners is not recommended as it’s too harsh and can harm them.

If you do not have your toothbrush on hand for a mid-day snack, that’s alright. Simply rinse the aligners with warm water before you put them back in.  They are specifically marked with either a “U” or an “L” so you know which aligner is for your upper and lower teeth when you put them in.

Benefits of Invisalign

As the name implies, the best feature of Invisalign is that they are virtually invisible. They are less obvious and others will not notice them as glaringly. This helps to ensure they impact your appearance less and let you feel more comfortable and confident in how you look.

Invisalign trays are ideal for people who don’t want to advertise that they are using braces but are still getting the same orthodontic care and results. Besides appearance, here are some more amazing benefits of choosing Invisalign:

  • Aligners can be conveniently removed
  • Designed for comfort and safety
  • No brackets or wires involved
  • Popular choice for adults and teens
  • Eating and cleaning the trays is easy
  • Food buildup and bacteria is reduced
  • Oral hygiene is easy to maintain
  • Short treatment duration

Some of the biggest challenges of having braces are completely diminished while using Invisalign. You can experience healthy teeth and gums after orthodontic treatment, without the embarrassment of wearing braces. Align your teeth now, and smile with confidence forever.

Choose Invisalign

When deciding why Invisalign, you’ll want to determine what is most important to you in terms of your orthodontic care. You will want to decide on a treatment that suits your lifestyle and one that is going to show you the results you want.

If your appearance and discretion are important to you, Invisalign is a great option for orthodontic treatment. If you are looking to correct a serious problem, they may not be sufficient. Ultimately, starting with a consultation with your orthodontist will help you determine which type of braces would be best for your purposes.

Here at Smiles on Yonge Orthodontics, we will help you find the best type of orthodontic care for you! If you are not sure why Invisalign  might be right for you, please contact our office to schedule an appointment and discuss treatment options further.

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