Emergency Orthodontic Services in Richmond Hill

Orthodontic emergency Richmond HillOrthodontic emergencies are fairly uncommon, but Smiles on Yonge Orthodontics is here for you when it happens! We understand that things can happen when you least expect them and that problems and complications can arise from your orthodontic treatment.

Not only can this be potentially painful, but it can cause irritation and discomfort. To make sure your entire orthodontic experience goes smoothly, we are available for orthodontic emergencies in Richmond Hill to help you when you need it the most.

Reasons for an Orthodontic Emergency in Richmond Hill

  • Appliance Irritation

    Since your appliance may have many metal, pointy, or irritating pieces, there is a good chance that at times it will cause you some pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing either, there are a number of things you can do to try to reduce and eliminate these irritations.

    First, the wax or Gishy GooTM that is given to you at the orthodontic office is a great tool for reducing these types of problems. Simply place a piece of wax or Gishy Goo TM on the area that is causing you problems and it should mitigate the friction, helping to decrease pain and irritation.

  • Brackets

    There can be a number of different reasons to come in, but most of them are related to your brackets or wires. If your bracket becomes loose or breaks off, but is still attached to your wire, you should leave it in place and try to minimize the irritation and pain. Place wax or Gishy GooTM on the bracket to try to reduce the friction and pain until you are able to make an appointment with our office.

  • Wires

    If your wires are loose, you may be able to move them back into place. Try to move them back with tweezers if possible. If this isn’t possible or doesn’t fix the problem, fasten the wire behind the last tooth that it is secured to, so that it doesn’t pose more of an issue. If it is still irritating you, try to use wax or Gishy GooTM  to help reduce it. At your first opportunity, please contact us to make an appointment so that we can remedy the situation.

    If at any time a loose or broken wire is poking you in the gums or cheek, you should use wax or or Gishy GooTM to push it down and soften the end. At your first opportunity, please call us to make an appointment so we can fix the problem. If it is urgent or severe, please contact our emergency orthodontic services.

  • Abnormal Shifts

    Orthodontic appliances can potentially shift and break, even without causing you pain. Although this won’t hurt or irritate you, it can potentially negatively impact your orthodontic treatment and the progress you’ve made. If you think your appliance has loosened or broken and your teeth are no longer properly shifting, you will want to come in and make sure your orthodontic treatment is persisting smoothly.

    This will ensure that you are not adversely affecting your progress and potentially increasing the amount of time you’ll have to undergo orthodontic treatment.

When to Come In

Although we love seeing all our patients regularly, we do have a busy schedule and want you to be as independent as possible. We provide you with resources and tools to help make sure your orthodontic treatment can be self-managed. In many cases, the tools we give you can be used to help solve the issue.

On the other hand, there are many issues that will require an appointment or emergencies that need to be fixed. If you experience any of the issues we listed above, don’t wait, call us today. We will work around our busy schedule to ensure you get seen as soon as possible, and the issue can be resolved.

Using the tools we provide and maintaining oral hygiene should help make sure your orthodontic treatment remains on track and will help prevent emergencies. By preventing accidents in sports by wearing a mouthguard, you can mitigate the event of emergency treatments and help make your treatment more efficient and pain-free.

Contact our Orthodontist for Emergencies in Richmond Hill

During office hours, you can call the office to book an emergency appointment if the issue cannot be addressed or resolved over the phone.

If it is after hours, you can contact or visit the Emergency Dental Office located at 8300 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L4J 7R3. You can contact them by dialing 905-707-5808.

If your issue is not as urgent, but you will still require emergency services, you can email us at info@SmilesOnYonge.ca and explain the nature of your Richmond Hill orthodontic emergency. From here, we will get back to you about the best course of action.

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