Choose the Best Type of Braces for Your Lifestyle

There are many different types of braces that are used in modern orthodontic treatments for patients to choose from. We recommend choosing braces that best fit your lifestyle for the best treatment results.

If you’re wondering which is more expensive, Invisalign or Braces, or the pros and cons of each type, we’ve made this quick guide for you when making your decision:

  • Traditional Metal Bracestraditional metal braces

    The most common type of braces is traditional metal braces. These use stainless steel brackets that attach to your teeth with metal wires to realign your teeth.

    These original braces spawned terms we all love like “metal mouth” and “brace-face”, establishing a tradition and culture around braces. Be a part of it!

    Since then, people have been devising ways to make them less obvious and jarring, and therefore less of a target for people around them. They have decreased in size so that they are much less noticeable today.

    There are a number of reasons why traditional metal braces are still the best way to go when getting orthodontic treatment.

    Pros of Metal Braces

    Traditional metal braces are the least expensive and most effective, performing the most work in the least amount of time. You can also pick lots of different colours for your elastics, letting you customize your style and make them your own.

    Cons of Metal Braces

    Conversely, they are the most noticeable and can make people feel uncomfortable and self-conscious of their appearance. They are also the most painful and difficult to clean because of how permanent they are. They can rub against your gums and make it difficult to eat hard and sticky foods.

  • Ceramic (Clear) Bracesclearbraces

    Ceramic braces use the same format as metal braces and even function the same. These types of braces are made of ceramic and designed to blend with your teeth so as to be less obvious. Therefore, the only thing you see are the wires, and some versions even have tooth-coloured wires as well.

    Pros of Ceramic Braces

    These versions are almost as effective as metal braces since they function the same. They are less noticeable than metal but slightly more expensive in most cases. They are, however, still very cost effective.

    Cons of Ceramic Braces

    Again, ceramic braces cost more than metal braces. They are also more likely to stain than the stainless steel material used for traditional metal braces.

  • Self-ligating Bracesmetalbraces

    Whether metal, ceramic or lingual, self-ligating braces use metal clips to secure the wire. In other words, there are no colorful elastics on your braces.

    Pros of Self-ligating Braces

    This type is almost as effective as conventional braces since they function the same. Although the total length of treatment is almost the same as with metal braces, you spend less time at each visit to adjust your braces as there’s no need to change the elastics.

    For the same reason, you may also need to see your orthodontist less frequently during your treatment. In addition, self-ligating braces are more hygienic than the conventional ones.

    Cons of Self-ligating Braces

    Self-ligating braces are more expensive than metal braces as they use a special clip to hold the wire. In terms of performance, some types of tooth movement are more difficult with self-ligating braces.

    Using no elastics can also be a disadvantage at the same time, as many patients especially the teenagers, love to pick a new elastic colour at each appointment!

  • Lingual Bracesharmonybraces

    Lingual braces function much the same as traditional metal braces, using the same bracket and wire method, often made from stainless steel as well. The major difference is that this type of braces is installed on the inside of the teeth in order to make them less obvious.

    Pros of Lingual Braces

    As you’d expect, the biggest advantage to lingual braces is that they are not as visible, making them better for the person wearing them. This can help with anxiety, uneasiness, and lack of confidence in their appearance, making you feel more comfortable while wearing them.

    Cons of Lingual Braces

    Although you may feel more comfortable in your appearance while wearing lingual braces, they are more uncomfortable in your mouth than other versions of braces. Since they point in, they are more intrusive and irritating. This also makes them much more difficult to clean. They are more expensive than other models and not as effective as traditional metal braces. Because they are more inaccessible, they are also more difficult to work with when you come in for adjustments and may take longer to service. They may also interfere with your speech.

    This type of braces is more expensive than other models and not as effective as traditional metal braces. Because they are more inaccessible, they are also more difficult to work with when you come in for adjustments and may take longer to service. They may also interfere with your speech.

  • Invisalign

    Invisalign is a more hidden way of having braces, without actually using braces in the usual manner. Instead of attaching braces to the teeth, clear plastic aligners are molded to fit your teeth and are used to adjust your teeth. By replacing these every two weeks you will continuously shift your teeth and realign them how they should be.

    Pros of Invisalign

    Unlike traditional methods, nothing is actually affixed to your teeth. This makes them much more comfortable as they are not permanent. The biggest benefit is that they are almost invisible to the eye, making them great for avoiding braces. This can help you retain your confidence and self-esteem while you use braces.

    Since you can remove them, you can not only clean them easier, but also take them out when you eat or drink. This will ensure that they don’t require as much cleaning as traditional braces. This will help you maintain the overall health and hygiene of your teeth while going through your orthodontic treatment.

    Cons of Invisalign

    The convenience of hidden braces comes at a cost, since Invisalign is more expensive than other types. Because of the method, it may take longer than more traditional methods as well. So, although it is less obvious, you will most likely have them for a longer time.

    In order to prevent the clear material from staining, you will have to make sure you brush frequently; almost after each meal. They are also only available for teens and adults and not for children.

    As you can see there are many orthodontic options available when considering braces. The type of braces you choose will be most effective if it fits your lifestyle. Contact our team to find out which orthodontic treatment is right for you!

Choosing the Best Type of Braces with Smiles on Yonge

When you’re deciding on which type of braces you want, you’ll want to consider which will best fit your lifestyle. Here at Smiles on Yonge Orthodontics, we have all types of braces available for any age of patient, from child to teen to adult. Dr. Rashed and the team would be more than happy to help you with all your orthodontic needs! Contact our practice to schedule an appointment or evaluation today.


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