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Dental Emergency in Richmond Hill: Prompt Care When You Need It Most

Experiencing a dental emergency can be unsettling, but our team is here to provide prompt and effective care when you need it most. If you encounter severe pain or have a problematic appliance issue that you can’t address independently, don’t hesitate to call us for an emergency appointment. We’ll promptly schedule an appointment to address and resolve the issue.


Surprisingly, some problems can be temporarily managed until your scheduled emergency appointment. If a piece is loose, securely store it in a plastic bag for your next visit.


For poking wires on your braces, apply soft wax to the protruding part. If a wire has shifted, gently guide it back with needle-nosed pliers and secure it in the tube on the back tooth.


After mitigating discomfort, it’s crucial to contact our office promptly for a scheduled repair. Prolonging the presence of damaged appliances may disrupt your treatment plan.

Addressing general soreness

After getting braces, you may experience general soreness in your mouth for three to five days. Stick to a soft diet until the discomfort subsides. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to alleviate irritated gums. If needed, take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain relief, avoiding aspirin and similar medications that can impede tooth movement.

Handling loose appliances, brackets, or bands

Apply wax to any poking or loose parts for temporary relief. If a bracket or band is easily removable, save it for your next appointment. For a loose wire, try repositioning it with tweezers or floss, or use a small fingernail clipper if necessary. For a poking wire, push it down with a pencil eraser or apply wax.


Our aim is to make your emergency dental experience as seamless as possible. Contact the team at Smiles on Yonge promptly for any concerns, and we’ll guide you through the next steps.

Emergency dental care FAQs

Dental emergencies include severe pain, injury, or issues with braces that require immediate attention. If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, our office is available outside regular office hours. If you experience an urgent dental issue, call us, and we’ll provide assistance and schedule an appointment as needed.

Follow the prescribed instructions for wearing headgear. If discomfort continues or if the facebow is bent, contact our office for assistance.

If a baby tooth is knocked out, avoid reinserting it. Instead, apply a clean cloth to control any bleeding and contact our office for guidance on next steps.

If your child chips or breaks a tooth, collect any broken pieces, rinse the mouth with warm water, and use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Contact our emergency line immediately for further assistance.

For minor issues like a loose bracket or poking wire, orthodontic wax can provide temporary relief until professional care is available. However, for more severe pain or injuries, it’s crucial to contact our team promptly.

It’s not recommended to use dental cement. Save any removable brackets or bands and contact our office promptly for assistance.

Our emergency dental clinic is available during holidays and weekends. Call our emergency line for guidance, and we’ll schedule an appointment as necessary.

If you experience a dental emergency while away, contact a local dentist for immediate care. Upon your return, reach out to our office for any follow-up or adjustments necessary.

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