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Ensuring optimal oral health for your child involves more than routine dental visits—it extends to strategic interventions like space maintenance. The premature loss of a tooth, whether due to decay or trauma, can set off a domino effect of dental complications if not addressed promptly. Understanding the significance of space maintainers and embracing proactive measures is key to steering your child’s dental journey towards a harmonious and healthy smile.

If your child’s tooth has come out too soon because of decay or trauma, it is vital to maintain the space to prevent future space loss and dental problems when permanent teeth begin to come in. Discover effective solutions for maintaining dental space with our specialized space maintainer dental services.

Without the use of a space maintainer, the teeth that surround the open space can shift, and impede the permanent tooth’s eruption. When that happens, the need for orthodontic treatment may become greater.

Dr. Leila will discuss space maintainer treatment option with you if your child might need one.

Why space maintenance matters

The primary objective of space maintenance is to safeguard the void left by a lost tooth. When a tooth departs prematurely, be it a front tooth or any other, the surrounding teeth face the risk of shifting. Without the intervention of a space maintainer, this migration can impede the natural eruption of permanent teeth, potentially necessitating more extensive orthodontic treatments in the future. Ensure the perfect alignment of your smile with our specialized space maintainer for front teeth. 

Caring for your child’s space maintainer

The general rules for taking care of your child’s appliance are:


Keep your youngster’s space maintainer clean through effective brushing and flossing.

Your son or daughter should continue to see us for regular dental visits to check the space maintainer and to make adjustments if needed.

Space maintainers FAQs

Space maintenance is not merely about preserving aesthetics; it plays a pivotal role in preventing shifts in surrounding teeth. By ensuring proper alignment, it creates an optimal environment for the unimpeded eruption of permanent teeth.

A space maintainer may be recommended when a child loses a front tooth prematurely. This loss can occur due to decay or trauma, and the space maintainer acts as a guardian, preserving the space for the incoming permanent tooth.

Think of a space maintainer as a dental guardian—its role is to hold the space left by a lost tooth. By preventing neighboring teeth from shifting, it maintains ideal spacing for the natural eruption of permanent teeth.

Yes, nitrous oxide is a safe and effective option for managing anxiety during dental procedures, including space maintenance. Administered through a small mask over the nose, it induces a calm state while keeping your child awake. There are no lingering effects, and your child can resume regular activities after the appointment. Discuss this option with our dental team for a positive and comfortable experience.

Neglecting space maintenance opens the door to potential complications. Surrounding teeth may shift, leading to difficulties in the eruption of permanent teeth and increasing the likelihood of orthodontic challenges.

Caring for a space maintainer involves regular brushing and flossing. The importance of consistent oral hygiene practices cannot be overstated. Additionally, regular dental visits are essential for professional checks and adjustments, if necessary.

Regular dental visits are integral to the success of space maintenance. These visits facilitate monitoring the effectiveness of the space maintainer and making any adjustments deemed necessary to support your child’s evolving dental health.


Dr. Leila, our experienced pediatric dentist, brings a wealth of expertise to guide you through the intricacies of space maintainer treatment options. With personalized insights, she ensures that your child’s smile remains vibrant and healthy throughout their dental journey. Optimal dental care begins with proactive space maintenance—schedule a consultation today to embark on a path of comprehensive oral well-being.

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